Nairobi, Kenya

June 14-27, 2020


In Summer of 2020, pet baby elephants in an orphanage. Watch majestic beasts in their natural environment as you ride through Africa's wilderness. Dance and eat like a local while traveling and visiting three schools in Nairobi. There is also a One Day Education Conference included. The Conference is called “Teaching for a Better World Conference" with a focus on the Kenyan Curriculum Framework, "Developing Engaged, Empowered, Ethical Citizens."

Your Amazing Trip Leaders:


Mike Soskil MetsoSkill


Eric Crouch AdventureswithMrc


Dyane Smokorowski


Taina Benitez-Coté Taina.Benitez

Limited To 30 Participants

All trips are very flexible. If you want to make some changes, or bring family, contact us and we will help you make the most of your visit! Visit our FAQ page for more information!

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  • 20+ hours Professional Development in schools observing and working with teachers
  • Pre-Conference Evening Reception
  • One Day Education Conference (Focus: Student-Driven Pedagogy)
  • All Ground Transportation
  • Masai Mara Wildlife Safari
  • Giraffe Center
  • Cultural Immersion in Masai Mara Village
  • Welcome Reception
  • Lodging
  • Background check
  • Bookbag Tours Conclusive Summit Dinner
  • Elephant Orphanage
  • Teaching Farm Tour


Please note that itineraries and schools are subject to change because of school events, school leadership changes, etc.... We will keep you updated when there is a change.

Arrive in Nairobi, Kenya

  • Check-in at Hotel
  • Free day to acclimate

day 1

Day of Outings

  • Giraffe Center
  • Elephant Orphanage

day 2

In host school for the school day

  • After-School PD Session One: 3:00-4:00 PM

day 3

In Host School for the day

After-School PD Session Two: 3:00-4:00 PM

day 4

In Host School for the day

day 5

Day Trip - Pre-Conference Reception

  • Morning Free and Evening Cocktail Pre-Conference Reception

day 6

Education Conference

  • Full Day Conference

day 7

Day Trip

  • Head to Masai Mara Wildlife Safari

day 8

Day Trips

  • Cultural Immersion in Masai Mara Village for the Day
  • Meeting families, experiencing the culture and food of the village!

day 9

Return to Nairobi

Conclusive Cultural Summit Dinner

day 10

Free Day

Visit Teaching Farm in the Morning 1/2 day, free afternoon

day 11

Free Day

Free Day with optional Side Trips

day 12

Free Day

Free Day with optional Side Trips

day 13

Return Home

day 14